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2009 – a year for slowing down….just one new book, revisions, editing, articles, courses & conference presentations

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The main topics for teaching this coming year are Muscle Energy Techniques and Positional Release Techniques…see details below

I was planning on slowing down this year, but it looks as though 2009 will be pretty busy!
On the writing front I will be involved with my co-editor, Ruth Lovegrove PT, and approximately 20 distinguished contributing authors, in compiling a text on chronic pelvic pain.
Apart from that I have to focus on a revision, for it’s 3rd edition, of Modern Neuromuscular Techniques, and also for its’ 3rd edition (with coauthor Judith Delany) Clinical Applications if Neuromuscular Techniques Volume 2 (Lower Body).
In my spare time writing editorials and editing The Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies, should keep my occupied.

…. and apart from the few clinical days I still undertake – private and NHS – there are also teaching engagements (click on email addresses for links to appropriate sites)
Over the next six months anyone interested in attending one of the workshops or courses should contact one of the following by email, listed by date country/city and topic:

February 21/22 London UK Muscle Energy Technique
March 7/8 Exmouth Devon UK Muscle Energy Technique
March 14/15 Uni. Southern Denmark, Odense, Positional Release Techniques
March 20/21 Amersfoort Holland Muscle Energy Techniques
March 28 University of Westminster, London UK Obesity Conference Julie.torkington@
[my topic is “Obesity: Leptin & Syndrome X”]
16/17 Bedford New Hampshire USA Muscle Energy Techniques
19/20 Lapeer, Michigan USA Effects of Manual Therapies on Pain
23/24 Toronto Canada Muscle Energy Techniques
30/31 Tiverton Devon Muscle Energy Technique
June 6/7 London UK Positional Release Techniques

In September and October there are several teaching engagements awaiting final confirmation in Poland, Italy and Ireland….details of which I’ll post, once everything is finalised.

…. and then the big one!
Towards the end, in the last week of October (27th to 30th), the 2nd Fascia Research Congress will be held in the Netherlands at the Free University, in Amsterdam. My role in that enterprise will be to coordinate and introduce a plenary session on Manual therapy methods that focus on, or appear to involve, fascial mechanisms. The idea is that 5 or 6 expert clinicians will make brief but focused presentations on the particular method (including connective tissue manipulation, Rolfing, high velocity adjustment methods,vibratory techniques and neural mobilisation techniques) with a view to informing scientists attending. What’s done, what’s believed by clinicians to be happening, and outcomes will be presented…… and hopefully research questions will be raised so that exploration of mechanisms can take us forward.
Of course this will be just one session in an action packed 4 days….so early booking is advised!

In case it’s of interest, it’s in between the teaching dates that the writing gets done…in Corfu, on a hillside overlooking the straits between the island and Albania.

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