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Pelvic pain, fascial treatment methods… and now migraine….the fruits of Summer 2010

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Photo of garden looking toward fruit trees and grapevines

Cover of the 3rd edition of Modern NMT

A long and fruitful (in every sense) summer in Corfu is slowly coming towards it’s cyclical end.
Today, there was a slight touch of autumn in the air, and figs from the tree, and grapes from the vine, were ripe for picking, as we meandered from one to the other.
So with a daily rhythm of writing, swimming, reading, siesta, swimming again (punctuated by leisurely meals) – and then more writing, a huge amount has been accomplished.

In the background of course the economic and social crisis that has enveloped this beautiful country continues on it’s slow-burn way to some sort of ultimate resolution.
Like many people I find it hard to envisage the stringent, socially damaging, slash-and-burn strategies, imposed by Brussels and the IMF, being adhered to indefinitely. And autumn may see some sort of restructuring of debt (perhaps triggered by social unrest), and hopefully associated with a welcome exit from the Euro. This seems inevitable to many commentator – although the results could – in the short-term – be even more unsettling.
In Corfu, detached as we are from Athens, and living an idyllic countryside setting, life’s pace is as described above – a mix of blissful productivity and languid indolence.

So what’s been accomplished during this long-hot-summer?
Apart from the never-ending treadmill of editing the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, and completing revision (together with co-author Judith DeLany) of the second edition of Clinical Applications of Neuromuscular Techniques: Volume 2 Lower Body, and correcting proofs for the third edition of Modern Neuromuscular Techniques (due out in a month or so)..…the following books have been under construction (so to speak):

Practical Physical Medicine Approaches to Chronic Pelvic Pain
This vast book, that I have coedited, and partly co-authored with Ruth Lovegrove PhD (together with a dozen or so expert chapter-contributors on specific topics) has now been sent for publication. The production process should take close on twelve months, so next year, this time, this super-resource should be available for purchase!

Fascia in Manual Therapy – The tensional network of the human body.
In about 2 weeks time the 20-or-so chapters that I am responsible for editing (and part writing) will be sent to Elsevier – as will around 80 other chapters that have been edited (and partly written) by my co-editors – Robert Schleip PhD, Tom Findley PhD and Peter Huijing PhD.
The section for which I am responsible covers chapters on therapeutic applications, whereas the other editors have supervised a compilation of a range of scientific topics that provide the background to these therapeutic approaches.
I expect this exciting and really important book will take at least a year to appear, once the full text is submitted in mid-September.

And, as the heading of this post suggests, yet another book is starting it’s journey towards reality.
This book, titled: Multidisciplinary Management of Migraine: Pharmacological, Manual and other therapies. will be coedited by the prodigious Spanish researcher and author, Cesar Fernandez de las Penas PT DO PhD , together with Neurologist Professor Jean Schoenen, and myself.

Let’s see what autumn will bring ……….


  1. Dr. Chaitow,

    I was planning on purchasing a copy of Clinical Applications of Neuromuscular Techniques: Volume 2 Lower Body, and was wondering if you have a rough estimate as to when the revised edition may become available to the public. If it is still a fair way off, I will simply purchase a cop of the available edition now and the updated version when it is released, however if the release is imminent, I will simply hold off and go with that version.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly for your time, and for routinely being so gracious in sharing your extensive knowledge. It’s an honor to follow your work.

    ~Magnus Arvedson

  2. The 2nd edition will be published in about 1 year from now…the updated and new chapters have been sent to the publishers – but the production is a lengthy one for a very large text.
    Best wishes

  3. Dear Leon Chaitow!

    Thank you very mutch for very deep, very pedagogical and scientifical books in field of soft tissue therapies and bodywork. Your books: Palpation and Assessments Skills, Clinical Applicatiion of Neuromuscular Techniques vol. 1 and 2 (with J.DeLany) and Fibromyalgia is number one choise books in Latvia, for under- and postgraduate physical therapists.

    Latvian Physiotherapy Association and I personally wish you and your family good health, more new fascinating books in field of manual medicine.

    Vladimir Gromakovsky, P.T., M.D.

    Latvian Physiotherapy Assoc. member

    Riga, Latvia

  4. Thank you Dr Gromakovsky
    Approximately 110 years ago my family (grandparents, father and his siblings) – as well as the family of Stanley Lief (our cousins) – who many years later developed NMT – departed from Latvia during the Pogroms of that sad time. It is particularly poignant for me to receive a message such as yours from Latvia.
    Thank you

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