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THE MMR Vaccine saga – 2014/2015 updates from Huffington Post …. and Presidential hopefuls

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18th Century Gilray vaccination cartoon

The saga that is the debate around ‘can MMR vaccination cause autism‘ rages on…..

New information was revealed late in 2014 in a Huffington Post Blog:

Merck Has Some Explaining To Do Over Its MMR Vaccine Claims

If whistleblowers from Merck – the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine – and also from CDC (Centres for Disease Control) are to be believed, there has been rampant fraud and coverup of this, hiding the truth about the autism connection.

I posted thoughts on this a few years back – see these links:

….. from 2007 –

….. and from 2008 –

This issue has emerged again this week  in the slow-burn towards the next US presidential election….and it has become a political fire-storm following an outbreak of measles in California:

See:  Inside the Vaccine War: Measles Outbreak Rekindles Debate on Autism, Parental Choice & Public Health

….with Democrats like Hilary Clinton on one side “The sky is blue and vaccines work – 


….against Republican presidential hopefuls, such as opthalmologist  Rand Paul ‘s emotive:“many tragic cases of walking, talking, normal children [have] wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines” (on the right above)

….and the more nuanced Chris Christie: “parents need to have some measure of choice in things.” (on the left above)

Now I don’t know the truth  – although I have my suspicions in the MMR saga – but it does seem possible that some immature and vulnerable immune systems – in the first year of life – may not be able to predictably (and safely) manage the adaptive challenges posed by the demands of a cocktail of vaccines 


  1. The scientific evidence should provide the information required to make an informed choice. Ignoring the conspiracy theorists and those seeking to politicise the issue what are we left with ? Those Luddites who don’t seek or who fear progress as it’s the work of some unknown evil deity. Those parents of autistic children who want the answer to the question why my child? The vaccine producers who while admittedly have a commercial interest to be fair also are trying to prevent knowingly harmful diseases occurring in our children. And are doing so successfully. Is there a better way maybe there is but the best science (statistical results of decrease in number of children with measles etc) and I use that term loosely would suggest that the greater evil is best managed through immunisation. When it comes to our children we all want the best our hearts compete with our heads we try to take emotion out of the calculation but will always have to live with the consequences. Will or should we allow ourselves be victims of ” paralysis through analysis” while diseases we know to be harmful damage our children I say no. Can we sit back and accept that our current vaccine strategy is at it’s optimum again I say no. But until new science develops better evidenced based outcomes we should stick to the lesser evil and continue to vaccinate while urging quality research to develop in an unemmotive way a new best option, perhaps evolving something as simple as a new staggered dosage protocol or a different cocktail of drugs. But please let’s be mindful of the parents who often make choices based on those they trust in our society to be better informed and educated on these matters. That trust places a burden on all public commentators who speak declare or question this issue on all and any media platforms Dr Chaitow.

    • Gerry – the particular unknowns surrounding the cocktail of vaccines is the issue here…not a generalised debate around vaccination/immunisation in general…that’s a different discussion. The other aspect of all this relates not to efficacy and safety, but to the possibility of corruption on the part of both CDC and the manufacturers. I appreciate your comments regarding responsibility – and as best I can, try to exercise this.

  2. I have a 15yr old son who received the triple MMR vaccine at 6 months old. He has a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome; Oppositional Defiance Disorder; Severe Dyslexia and other complex issues. He has been through a most traumatic childhood and has been in the care of social services on three occasions due his severe behavioural disorders. The Authorities blamed me for his problems and suggested he belonged in a secure unit at the age of 13 – having been diagnosed by them with Conduct disorder and, they suggested, would probably be in prison by the age of 18. Having fought through Independent means for a correct diagnosis he is now at a Residential Special School for boys with Autism; comes home each weekend and is set to gain at least 3 GCSE’s to take him on to a Mainstream Sixth Form College; with support, to fulfil his dream of becoming a Bushcraft Instructor.

    I have absolutely no doubt that the triple MMR is responsible for the majority of his issues and am delighted that this debate has been re-opened, following the silencing of those who believe, as I do that this vaccine has a great deal to answer to. It is time.

    Jo Symonds
    Sports/Remedial/Soft Tissue Therapist

  3. Thank you for telling me about this Jo…it’s really difficult to find words to express how awful this situation is (yours, and so many others), — I am delighted that ways have been found to ease him towards a safe future.

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