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Online Courses with Leon Chaitow

The first two of a series of online courses featuring Leon Chaitow and developed in collaboration with New York based HANDS-on-SEMINARS (HoS) are now available:

1/ Recognition, Management and Rehabilitation of Breathing Pattern Disorders.
2/ Advanced Muscle Energy Techniques

Still in development are courses on:

>>> Positional Release Techniques
>>> Management of Fascial Dysfunction

These are based on the text-books related to them:

Muscle Energy Techniques (4th edition) Elsevier 2014

Recognising and Treating Breathing Disorders (2nd edition) Elsevier 2014]

Introductory video

Screenshots from within the courses

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Course Format

  •  A series of video-based modules, on each topic, that were filmed in New York, involving a cross-section of manual/physical medicine professionals (Physical therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Licensed massage therapists, Pilates and Yoga Instructors etc)
  • A required reading Guide pack is provided : e-books, pdf documents, complete set of power-point slides
  • The courses are divided into modules built around the videos that are based on the textbooks (provided as part of the course, as e-books).
  • Each module-video has a side-panel with minute-by-minute reading suggestions – in which the power-point slides that are being shown, or the topic being discussed, or the method being demonstrated – are linked to further reading suggestions, for example page numbers/chapters in the books; or articles/research papers that are provided electronically as part of the learning package (in pdf format).
  •  The power-point presentation – made up of hundreds of information-rich slides – that accompany each course, are of course provided to participants and can be scrolled through independently of the video sequences (modules)
  •  At the end of each module (varying in length from 30 to 60 minutes) a series of multiple-choice questions are provided for self-assessment of the participant’s understanding up to that point.
  • Moving to the next on-line module depends on taking the test – not on passing it.
  •  If a poor score is obtained, because correct answers are provided after the test (many with explanatory notes) – the tests themselves then become a part of the learning process.
  •  The combination of eBooks, pdf articles, power-point slides, videos containing detailed lecture and hands-on demonstrations – as well as multiple choice exam-questions (with answers and further notes provided after the exam is completed) —-offers a profound learning opportunity.


For more information contact  Hands-On Seminars, Inc at 1-888-767-5003 or at  and at

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