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– Access to articles (see list below) from my periodic column in Positive Health (PH) magazine  where you can find links to my downloadable columns from PH.

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  • A Learning Experience
  • A Shoulder Problem in Context
  • Barriers to Integration are in our Minds
  • Bizarre Bazaar!
  • Cause and Effect
  • Cranial Influence – becoming a ‘heavy pendulum’?
  • Ethics and Integration (or Incarceration)?
  • Fibromyalgia – Where Should Bodywork Fit Into An Integrated Treatment Picture?
  • Insights & Questions
  • Integration: Malign or Benign
  • Integrative Bodywork – Art and Science: Complexity in Bodywork
  • Interdisciplinary Bodywork for Best Results
  • Leptins and Inflammation
  • Meet the Endocannibanoids – Pleasure Producers, Pain Relievers – And Much More: The Bodywork Connection
  • P.C., Gender, Interprofessional Discord and Integration
  • Peace and Harmony in Holistic Medicine?
  • Respectable Energy
  • Respecting Symptoms
  • Spinal Manipulation – What are We to Believe?
  • Standards in Massage Therapy
  • Truth will out
  • What is Naturopathic Physical Medicine?