Leon Chaitow’s (1937-2018) website remains a rich resource and will continue to be maintained and updated by his daughter Dr Sasha Chaitow, who now manages his legacy. Whether this is your first, or a return, visit – please take your time to explore the various sections and discover the broad body of work that is Leon Chaitow’s legacy.

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The purpose of this website is not only to preserve, promote, and protect Leon Chaitow’s legacy, but also to continue developing aspects of the principles by which he lived and worked. He dedicated his life’s work to synthesis, integration, and building bridges between researchers and clinicians, as well as between the manual therapy professions. Through her own educational, writing, and editing ventures, Dr Sasha Chaitow now undertakes this work, integrating it with her existing professional endeavours.   

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Leon Chaitow


Sasha Chaitow



Leon Chaitow ND, DO graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1960. Since 1983 he had been a visiting lecturer at numerous chiropractic, physiotherapy, osteopathic, naturopathic and massage schools in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia.

He was the first naturopath/osteopath appointed as a consultant by the UK government to a medical practice. For 11 years he was a Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster.

He is author/editor of over 70 books and founding Editor-in-Chief of peer-reviewed & Medline indexed Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies (Elsevier).

He was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the University in November 2005 for “Services to Complementary and Osteopathic Medicine”.

Until the end of 2017 he continued to teach and practice part-time in London, when not in Corfu, Greece where he focused on his writing and enjoyed his garden with his adored wife of 47 years, Alkmini.

Leon passed away at home after several months of failing health on 20 September 2018.

Statement of clarification:

In the USA the qualification ‘D.O.’ indicates that the holder is an osteopathic physician. In the UK the legally protected title ‘osteopath’, signified by the letters D.O., does not have the same meaning. Leon Chaitow trained as a naturopath and osteopath in the UK (1956-1960), and the letters following his name (N.D., D.O.), and his Honorary Fellowship from the University of Westminster (2005), should not be used to suggest that he was anything other than a UK trained naturopathic and osteopathic practitioner (Registration#1/201/F. General Osteopathic Council). We share this information in the interest of accuracy and transparency about his credentials. We cannot control misattributions that occur on other websites or in print media, but we hope that responsible parties will use care and respect when they refer to him or his work.

Sasha Chaitow, MA, MA, PhD is a cultural historian, an educator, a writer and an artist.

Over the last 20 years she has developed successful parallel careers:

  • teaching research literacy and academic writing in several fields
  • developing and delivering  CPD courses in critical thinking and inquiry
  • course development for teachers and tutors in secondary and higher education
  • lecturing and publishing in her field
  • various roles within academic publishing
  • investigative and cultural journalism
  • international exhibitions, lectures, conference & event organisation.

She has published one book based on her doctoral research, is working on two more, and has also published extensively in peer-reviewed journals as well as magazines and professional journals. She has lectured internationally at universities and conferences and organised several academic conferences and symposia. In parallel, she has produced 13 solo art exhibitions in the UK, Greece, and Sweden and participated in several group exhibitions.

Sasha worked closely with her father in the last ten years with regard to both education and translational research. She received his final instructions and wishes with regard to the management of several parts of his legacy.

In March 2018 Sasha was appointed Managing Editor for the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies to perform a smooth transition to the new editorial team, and in 2019 she was named Series Editor for Elsevier’s “Leon Chaitow Library of Bodywork and Movement Therapies,” overseeing the revisions of his books. 

Copyright and Permissions: All requests for permissions regarding Leon Chaitow’s work must be addressed to Sasha in the first instance. Any infringements of copyright and/or other rights will be taken extremely seriously.