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New Article: Treating Candida Naturally in “Conscious Lifestyle”

Treating Candida Naturally: The Top 17 Most Powerful Natural Antifungal Supplements and Herbs for Ridding the Body of Yeast BY DR. LEON CHAITOW, N.D., D.O., Using special, naturally antifungal supplements and herbs is a powerful way to help rid the body of candida and...

New article on Fibromyalgia Pain and Breathing in Massage & Bodywork Journal

I have compiled a new article for a special – Fibromyalgia-focused issue of the January/February 2017 issue of MASSAGE & BODYWORK. Entitled “How Breath Can Impact Your Client’s Fibromyalgia Pain,” here is a brief sample:

The Importance of Dosage in Manual Therapy

Originally published in Massage Today. Research is slowly beginning to reveal the importance of optimal dosage in manual and movement therapies and it may surprise you (as it did me) to learn that very small variations in applied load (compression, stretch, etc.) can...

Positional Release Techniques: What are the Mechanisms?

Originally published in Massage Today, January, 2016, Vol. 16, Issue 01 At its simplest, positional release techniques as used in manual therapy settings, involve the unloading of tissues, placing them into less-stressed, "ease" positions. In such a comfort state, a...

Fibromyalgia Treatment Guide

NB. To view this article in fullscreen mode  click the small arrow in the black box in the top right hand corner of the frame below. This will open the PDF in a new window. To download click the red link directly above the embedded PDF. The Print/PDF buttons will...

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