Video Interviews with Leon Chaitow

Video interviews with Dr Leon Chaitow

“Writing Therapy” – an interview with “International Therapist”

“Writing Therapy” – Leon Chaitow talks about research, writing, and life in Corfu in an interview with International Therapist, Spring 2017.

Dr Mercola interviews Dr Chaitow about Candida

If you're not optimally healthy, could candida be at fault? In this interview, British osteopath and naturopath, Dr. Leon Chaitow, author of "Candida Albicans: Natural Remedies for Yeast Infection," discusses its dangers — and more importantly, how to address this...

Recognizing and treating breathing disorders – Physiopedia Interview with Leon Chaitow

An in-depth, 50-minute interview with Leon Chaitow by the creators of the Physiospot website. The interview focuses on the very important but not widely understood subject of breathing disorders.  These are breathing dysfunctions (as opposed to breathing pathologies...
Interview with Leon Chaitow

Interview with Leon Chaitow

Why did you choose to become an osteopath? A number of family members – uncles and cousins were osteopaths or chiropractors, and I became interested after having several excellent experiences when treated by them as a teenager, following falls and sporting injuries....

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Osteopathy Today Interview (2011)

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