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UPDATE JAN 2020: These are the only existing fully developed online courses created by Leon Chaitow in collaboration with New York-based HANDS-on-SEMINARS (HoS). By permission of Leon Chaitow’s estate, these courses will remain available and supported and updated where necessary by his closest colleagues. Updates and news coming soon.


Introductory video


Available courses:


Course Format

  •  A series of video-based modules, on each topic, that were filmed in New York, involving a cross-section of manual/physical medicine professionals (Physical therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Licensed massage therapists, Pilates and Yoga Instructors etc)
  • A required reading Guide pack is provided: e-books, pdf documents, complete set of power-point slides
  • The courses are divided into modules built around the videos that are based on the textbooks (provided as part of the course, as e-books).
  • Each module-video has a side-panel with minute-by-minute reading suggestions – in which the power-point slides that are being shown, or the topic being discussed, or the method being demonstrated – are linked to further reading suggestions, for example, page numbers/chapters in the books; or articles/research papers that are provided electronically as part of the learning package (in pdf format).
  •  The power-point presentation – made up of hundreds of information-rich slides – that accompany each course, are of course provided to participants and can be scrolled through independently of the video sequences (modules)
  •  At the end of each module (varying in length from 30 to 60 minutes) a series of multiple-choice questions are provided for self-assessment of the participant’s understanding up to that point.
  • Moving to the next on-line module depends on taking the test – not on passing it.
  •  If a poor score is obtained, because correct answers are provided after the test (many with explanatory notes) – the tests themselves then become a part of the learning process.
  •  The combination of eBooks, pdf articles, power-point slides, videos containing detailed lecture and hands-on demonstrations – as well as multiple-choice exam-questions (with answers and further notes provided after the exam is completed) —-offers a profound learning opportunity.


Screenshots from within the courses


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