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Osteopath, naturopath, author, educator in integrative health.


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Leon Chaitow’s (1937-2018) website remains a rich resource and will continue to be maintained and updated by his daughter Dr Sasha Chaitow, who now manages his legacy.

Whether this is your first, or a return, visit – please take your time to explore the various sections, to discover the many articles, videos, and free material,  and to click on individual book titles for more information and purchase links. 

In this important interview, Leon Chaitow gives some of the history of JBMT, the Fascia Research Congress, and some of the current leaders in the field of MT, Fascia Research, and highlights issues surrounding translational research – many of which remain unresolved. See below for more links to the key themes summarised here.




Key themes

A pioneer in the integration of manual therapy approaches,, Leon Chaitow worked tirelessly for the development of scientific evidence to support the techniques and modalities he taught, and incorporated  into his writing and teaching.  His key areas of focus are summarised under the headings below, with links to further resources on this website.

Integrative medicine

Leon Chaitow was the first osteopath to be appointed to an NHS practice (British National Health Service) in the 1990s. Yet, as he once wrote, “I am old enough to remember when naturopathic and osteopathic medicine were dubbed quackery…” This article tells part of the story of the journey from “fringe” to “mainstream,” highlighting  the challenges still faced by many integrative health professions.

Translational research

Leon Chaitow founded and edited three major journals to support the development of the evidence base for the related bodywork professions he served. He focused on the clinical relevance of that research,  making it relevant and usable by busy clinicians across  the bodywork professions. His daughter Dr Sasha Chaitow is continuing this aspect of his work by producing courses and articles on research literacy for students and therapists, faculty and CPD/CE training for clinicians, and practical communication strategies for researchers.


A strong advocate of patient empowerment and the biopsychosocial model of healthcare, Leon Chaitow produced many books for the general public and self-care articles to assist the layperson in taking their health into their own hands. He was a firm believer in the empowerment of the individual, as reflected in his teaching and writing. Explore his books for the general reader here, and find rich resources and articles on this page.

Chaitow’s Chat

Discover over a decade of posts, some educational, some informative, most with a dose of Leon Chaitow’s unique humour, and follow for updates on Dr Sasha Chaitow’s continuation of her father’s work through her teaching and writing.

Fascial Dysfunction 2e: Excerpt and Feature 

A full chapter excerpted from Leon Chaitow’s latest, and last book, Fascial Dysfunction 2e completed in his final weeks, and a commentary written by Sasha Chaitow, providing insight into Leon Chaitow’s writing life, her experience of living with such a prolific father, and insight into how his legacy will be maintained. Learn More

Video Interviews with Leon Chaitow

Interviews and lecture recordings with Leon Chaitow, from Candida to Pelvic Pain  Learn More

An Osteopathic Family: From Stanley Lief to Leon Chaitow 

Four generations of osteopaths took the profession forward. In Leon’s own words…  Learn More

The Value of Breathing Retraining for Better Posture, Balance, & Less Pain and Dyskinesis 

A concise look at the evidence  Learn More

The Trigger Point Debate, continued

Discussion and links to the debate, viewpoints, & rebuttals hosted and moderated by Leon Chaitow in JBMT  Learn More

Is Posture Relevant to Symptoms, or is that outdated? 

An honest exploration of the question from a clinical perspective, using the evidence.  Learn More

Stretching and Flexibility: What is really happening? 

There are 4 ‘mechanical theories’ as to why tissues are easier to stretch after isometric contractions…  Learn More

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Cranial Manipulation: Theory and Practice

Leon Chaitow

Full E-book & Demonstration Videos

£ 10.00

Clinical Application of Neuromuscular Techniques Vols 1 & 2

Leon Chaitow & Judith Delany

2 Full E-books

£ 40.00

A Massage Therapist's Guide to Understanding, Locating, and treating myofascial trigger points

Leon Chaitow & Sandy Fritz

Full E-book & Demonstration Videos

£ 10.00

Fibromyalgia Syndrome: A Practitioner's Guide to Treatment

Leon Chaitow

Full E-book & Demonstration Videos

£ 10.00

Naturopathic Physical Medicine

Leon Chaitow

Full E-book

£ 10.00

A Massage Therapist's Guide to treating Headache and Neck Pain

Leon Chaitow & Sandy Fritz

Full E-book & Demonstration Videos


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