The advance copy of Leon Chaitow’s ‘Fascial Dysfunction: Manual therapy approaches, second edition’ has arrived at Handspring Publishing HQ and will be available from the Handspring stall at the upcoming 5th Fascia Research Congress in Berlin. Leon was working on finalising his revision of this edition when his health began to fail, and he was immensely glad that he was able, not only to finish it, but to view and approve the proofs, forewords, and final version of the cover.

Watch a flip-through of the new edition with increased coverage and colour:


Fascial dysfunction is now recognised as one of the main underlying causes of musculoskeletal pain leading to impaired and reduced mobility. These are the symptoms which confront all practitioners of manual therapy in their everyday practice. In this second edition of his very successful book, Leon Chaitow brings together contributions from 20 leading practitioners and researchers from many different fields of manual therapy. Fascial Dysfunction – Manual Therapy Approaches, Second Edition aims to help those practitioners to assess more precisely the dysfunction of their clients and its cause and to increase practitioner awareness of the various techniques which may help them in their attempts to alleviate their clients’ problems.

New features of the Second edition include:
  • Descriptions of new research evidence and its implications for practice:
    •  The dependence of collagen health on a mixture of balanced internal and external tension
    • The importance of adequate hydration
    • The possible role of the telocyte
    • The importance of ‘dosage’ of therapies in management of fascial dysfunction
  • New chapters on:
    • Gua Sha and cupping
    • Global postural re-education
    • Scar remodelling

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