Fascial Dysfunction 2e: Leon Chaitow’s final work

The advance copy of Leon Chaitow’s ‘Fascial Dysfunction: Manual therapy approaches, second edition’ has arrived at Handspring Publishing HQ and will be available from the Handspring stall at the upcoming 5th Fascia Research Congress in Berlin. Leon was working on finalising his revision of this edition when his health began to fail, and he was immensely glad that he was able, not only to finish it, but to view and approve the proofs, forewords, and final version of the cover.

Research shows cranial osteopathic treatment influences cerebral circulation & enhances parasympathetic modulation.

A study published in the American Journal of Osteopathic Medicine (December 2011) confirms what many osteopaths have claimed for many years, that the method known as 4th ventricular compression - or 4VC (see below) results in statistically significant physiological...

FASCIAL DYSFUNCTION: a new book that offers insights to manual assessment and management

This book provides all therapists with a clear guide to what the fascia is, how it goes wrong, and how to treat disorders that involve the fascia. The book is in two parts. It builds on a background of what is now known or currently hypothesised about fascial...