A massage therapist’s guide to Head and Neck Pain by Leon Chaitow and Sandy Fritz is now out of print, and the electronic version is being made exclusively available for preview and download through this website.

The front matter and two chapters are available free of charge. All of the accompanying videos are offered free upon purchase of the full e-book (see below), including  high-resolution images and detailed techniques,

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The massage therapist’s guide to treating headaches and neck pain is a practical guide for the massage therapist to assist them in identifying appropriate massage treatment for those experiencing headaches and neck pain. The book describes the most common headache types and causes for neck pain that can be effectively addressed with therapeutic massage and associated methods easily incorporated into massage. Assessment procedures are provided both to identify appropriate treatment and to alert the massage therapist to more serious conditions that could be responsible for the symptoms and require a referral for further diagnosis and treatment. Protocols for treatment using massage and other soft tissue methods are provided. The text is written in a practical way that is user friendly.


  • Abundant illustrations and photos.
  • Easy reference, with simple language.
  • Key Concepts boxes in each chapter.
  • Videos demonstrating palpation and treatment methods available on full purchase.


1. Headache types and neck pain and dysfunction

2. How headaches and neck pain occur, and when is pain a sign of a serious condition?

3. Medical treatment for headaches and neck pain and implications for massage application

4. Pain

5. Justifying massage as treatment

6. Assessment strategies and selected interventions

7. Modalities working with massage

8. Therapeutic massage treatment for headache and neck pain

9. Adjunctive treatment for headache and neck pain: what else should you know, and what else might help?



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