These videos demonstrating manipulation techniques originally accompanied the book Cranial Manipulation : Theory and Practice. Osseous and Soft Tissue Approaches (now out of print).  Click here to access free samples of some of the book’s chapters and to download the full text for a small fee. All the videos are available free of charge.

Cranial manipulation is a fast-growing area of manual therapy practice. Originally published in 2005, the second edition of  Cranial Manipulation Theory and Practice is now out of print and exclusively available through this website.In this book,  Leon Chaitow together with six expert contributors, presents the latest thinking on the use of this valuable approach, and the most up-to-date research evidence to support its use.

Osteopathic biomechanical and biodynamic concepts are thoroughly examined, as are chiropractic and dental approaches involving cranial and cranio-facial manipulation. The supporting CD-ROM contains the entire text as well as video footage demonstrating exercises and techniques. Icons in the text indicate where there is a video clip on the CD-ROM to illustrate what is being described.

Written in the style of a clinical manual, and incorporating numerous palpation, assessment and treatment exercises, the text is easy to follow and links theory to the practical problems of the clinician. This book is unique in describing both soft tissue and osseous applications, and in providing the practitioner/therapist with guidance on which option to select in different clinical situations. The details of the techniques described are supported by high-quality illustrations, and practical exercises are included to help improve clinical skills.

Key features:

  • Cranial osteopathic, cranio-sacral, sacro occipital (chiropractic), cranio-facial and dental methods and perspectives explained and compared
  • Evidence based -highlighting the clinical relevance of the latest research findings
  • Provides both osseous and soft tissue assessment and treatment options, and offers guidance on appropriate selection
  • Includes numerous practical exercises to assist both students and practitioners in perfecting their skills
  • Clear line drawings supplement the text
  • Supporting CD-ROM with full text and video clips.
  • Cranial Manipulation Theory and Practice is aimed at all therapists interested or involved in using these valuable and evolving treatment approaches. It will be particularly useful to the practitioner or student who is new to this subject.

This product is appropriate for:

  • manual therapy
  • massage therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • chiropractic
  • osteopathy