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Maintaining Body Balance: Flexibility & Stability E-Book Download - Leon Chaitow


Maintaining Body Balance: Flexibility & Stability, A Practical Guide to the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal pain by Leon Chaitow is now out of print, and the electronic version is being made exclusively available for preview and download through this website.

Two chapters and all the exercise cards demonstrating flexibility and stability exercises are available free of charge.

The full book, including high-resolution images and detailed techniques, descriptions and advice for self-care as well as guidelines for practitioners is available for purchase below.

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A collection of tried and tested, effective and safe techniques and exercises for relaxing muscles in spasm and easing associated muscular pain.

All the exercises included can be done at home without assistance from anyone else. All are suitable for inclusion in a management programme under the direction of any therapist involved in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

They can be used to treat existing conditions or to prevent more major injury (especially in relation to sports).

Aimed at the therapist who want to involve their client in the self-management of their own treatment

Designed and priced to be affordable and accessible to patients, this is a book which the therapist can also safely recommend to their patients to buy and use themselves.


  •  A collection of safe and effective exercise techniques for relieving tense muscles and easing related pain
  • Clear simple to follow explanations of each technique
  • Provides guidance to the therapist on selecting the right exercises for each situation and explains to the patient the important of only doing those he is told to do
  • Provides the patient with an accurate reference of what the therapist wants him to do between one consultation and the next (most patients forget how to do exercises properly as soon as they leave the clinic)
  • Emphasizes the role of the patient in maintaining his own fitness and ensuring successful treatment outcomes


  • Different forms of muscle energy techniques
  • Testing for shortness of muscles
  • MET treatment and self-treatment
  • Trigger points and their importance in pain control
  • Self-mobilization methods
  • Strength plus endurance equals stability
  • Balance, agility and breathing
  • Introduction to self-applied positional release methods
  • + Exercise cards (in wallet inside back of cover) summarising particular methods (such as breathing exercises) and self-care of particular areas of the body

Download Options

  • Checked chapters can be downloaded free of charge. Simply click on the title and they will be automatically downloaded to your computer. To purchase the full book for £10.00 ($15.00 ), click the Buy Now button below.

Download free chapters:

  • 2. Testing for shortness in muscles
  • 3. Muscle energy techniques: treatment and self-treatment methods
  • 4. Trigger points and their importance in pain control

  • 6. Strength plus endurance equals stability
  • 7. Balance, agility and breathing
  • 8. Introducing positional release technique and strain and counterstrain

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When payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation email with a download link from where you can download the fully illustrated e-book. The link will be valid for 48 hours after purchasing.

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Technical notes:

  • The full e-book is 23.1 MB in size, and takes roughly 5 minutes to download on an ADSL/Cable connection, but may take longer if you are using a modem/dialup connection.