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A title in the THORSONS NATURAL HEALTH SERIES, which provides the reader with some drug-free techniques of relieving the symptoms of asthma and hay fever. Some of the methods suggested include special diets, detoxification, guided imagery, acupressure and natural medication.

From the Back Cover

The safe, self-help approach to combatting the causes of asthma and hayfever

The debilitating conditions of both asthma and hayfever have their roots in allergic reactions to a wide range of common substances.

This practical guide identifies the causes of your condition and sets up an effective self-help programme for tackling them.

Leon Chaitow clearly explains:

the current medical approach to the problems of hayfever and asthma
how you can control your condition without drugs
self-help methods including nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, stress reduction, guided imagery, acupressure and safe natural medication.

Leon Chaitow is a leading osteopath, naturopath and acupuncturist. He lectures and teaches around the world and is the successful author of an extensive range of health guides.

The health series you can trust for expert and caring advice

About the Author

Leon Chaitow is one of Thorsons most longstanding and successful authors. He is a leading osteopath, naturopath and acupuncturist and senior lecturer at University of Westminster, London. He teaches widely around the world and practises at the Hale Clinic, London.


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