Informational flyer for the 2009 Congress

Photos (by Robert Schleip) show:

Myself with Peter Huijing PhD and Peter Hollander PhD, who are scientific director and administrative directors, respectively, of the 2nd International Fascia Congress.

The main auditorium at the Free University, Amsterdam

This is an early notice of the 2nd International Fascia Research Congress to be held in Amsterdam (Free University) October 27-30 2009.
Details, registration etc will be available on within a few weeks when the official site is up and running.

Presenters include:
Scientific sessions
Al Banes Ph.D.
Tom Findley M.D. Ph.D.
Willem Fourie PT
Walter Herzog Ph.D.
Paul Hodges Ph.D.
Yasuo Kawakami Ph.D.
Mick Kreulen M.D. Ph.D.
Richard Nichols Ph.D.
Peter Purslow Ph.D.
Jaap van der Wal M.D. Ph.D.
Can Yucesoy Ph.D.

Clinician-scientist sessions
Zachary Comeaux D.O.
Jan Dommerholt Ph.D. P.T.
Geoffrey Bove, D.C., Ph.D.
Leon Chaitow N.D. D.O.
Irene Piët PT
Robert Schleip Ph.D

Topics will cover recent basic and applied research and reviews in soft connective tissue sciences at all levels:
Molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, compartment, and limb or trunk and whole body; and in all

disciplines: e.g. molecular biology, cytology, histology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics, neurology, surgery etc..

The conference will also include free oral and poster presentations of peer reviewed research. In addition special panels and presentations will also address the research interests of clinical practioners in acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, neuromuscular therapies, osteopathy, physiatry, physical therapy, structural bodywork and surgery.
Special sessions will be held consisting of podium presentations, as well as demonstrations, aimed at bringing clinicians of the manual therapies and basis scientist together to enhance common research interests and communication.

Space is limited, Register early.
This conference will attract a diverse group of research scientist, students and clinical specialists. A capacity attendance is expected.