If this
presidential election was a film-script it would be rejected for containing too many unbelievable elements.

The characters are over-the-top, and the background scenario’s too complexly fantastic to be true.

Consider the major players:

Aging semi-articulate, multi-millionaire, senior senator, alleged political maverick, torture-survivor, war-hero – with an ex-beauty queen Alaskan Governor VP running mate, who loves moose stew (or is it moose-burgers?), ice-hockey and hunting – with 5 kids (names: Bristol, Piper, Track, Willow, and
Trig) including a recent Down’s syndrome baby, whose part-Eskimo husband, is snowmobile world champion

…. and the youthful, half-Kenyan with white mother, extremely articulate African-American political novice
– with a grizzled combative VP
running mate, best known for serial plagiarism

…and the context?
– Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
-Aggressive Russian resurgence
– Middle-East tension rising as Iran moves nuclear
– World economy in turmoil – oil and food prices rocketing
…with Dubya Bush, and his grey eminence Cheney hovering in the background

….you really couldn’t make all this up – it’s riveting, as well as being terrifying!

Who do I want to win?
Would McCain be a Bush repeat?
Would Obama be a Blair repeat (all appearance and no substance)?
Much depends on what you believe about them – with distorted reporting pro-Obama from CNN, and pro-McCain from the Fox channel, (the two US channels available to me by satellite) it’s very hard to know the truth.
Neither are without flaws (candidates AND news channels) – and since – as a UK citizen I won’t be voting – my preference is purely academic.
For now the drama and uncertainty of it all is exciting, and the debates between the candidates – as well as between the potential VPs – should be pure theater.…..
and since it has been said that ‘we get the leaders we deserve’ ……