trange happenings in California.
In his battle with a budget deficit, and his pledge to create ‘smaller government’ ‘The Governator’ has abolished the naturopathic licensing board (Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine) of the state, and has virtually merged this, under the aegis of the Osteopathic Medical Board of California.

This action has:
a/ pleased the naturopaths, as it more or less ensures the survival of the small profession (350 members or so) in that state, while:
b/ severely displeased the very large and powerful osteopathic profession – who see it as an affront to be stabled with NDs.

The major osteopathic organisation in California OSPC (Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons of California), has issued this dramatic statement:

“Under the cloak of darkness, Governor Schwarzenegger has merged the Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine into the Osteopathic Medical Board of California (OMBC). OPSC is vigorously pursuing alternatives to overturn this legislation, including the possibility of litigation against the State of California. The legislation that merges naturopaths into the OMBC was included in the “emergency” budget bills on the very night that they were signed by the legislature, allowing no opportunity for opposition. Governor Schwarzenegger signed the legislation shortly afterwards.Under the legislation, two naturopaths will be seated as full members of the OMBC, and a nine person naturopathic committee will be created under the jurisdiction of the OMBC.
OPSC is vehemently opposed to this action, as naturopaths are not fully licensed physicians; this merger will only serve to confuse the public and possibly endanger patients. The merger is scheduled for implementation by October 23, 2009.”

The OSPC states that it is actively planning to find legal ways of blocking this legislation.

Watch this space for further developments………..