Corfu: January 2015: Reflections

Note: This post is only peripherally related to manual therapy, osteopathy etc….but contains (via links to older posts) stories of mystery, nostalgia, intrigue and magic

Reflecting on yesterday’s post on ‘hopping in the park’ to encourage fascial elasticity….and spending time in the park again today, I felt it was time to remind friends and followers of the magic of this enchanted island.
If you doubt that this descriptor is true, read (or reread) some of Gerald Durrell’s books—starting with “My family and other animals”).

The photographs here are one taken today, showing the Victorian bandstand, which is framing the 13th century Venetian Fortress, with a glimpse of the Ionian Sea on the right of the fortress, through the trees.
Those very same trees feature in a print of an early 19th Century watercolour of the park, fortress etc…before the bandstand was erected.
This was during the period of British occupation, and if you could see the painting up close you would be able to make out a long line of red-coated soldiers on parade, close to where the taxi-rank now stands (for those who know Corfu) – on the left of the open field….

There are many posts on my website that mention or discuss aspects of Corfu….how and why I ended up here…..and why I choose to stay despite the austerity and misery inflicted on this country by a mixture of its own political mistakes and the hard-nosed and unsustainable demands of European technocrats.

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