Clockwise from the left (double click on picture to enlarge):
1/The panel I chaired at the Amsterdam fascia conference
2/ A workshop demonstration of fascial manipulation in Amsterdam
3/Sasha with her Professors and fellow graduates from Exeter University, on terrace below Acropolis Athens
4/Sasha’s presentation (Beware Titans bearing gifts) in Athens

It’s been a very long gap between posts….and this one is truncated because of the backlog of essential work I have to get through before being able focus on doing justice to the 2 conferences mentioned in the title.

During the last week of October the 2nd Fascia Research Congress took place at the Free University in Amsterdam – and it produced a great deal of new and exciting information for the 500+ delegates……. details to follow when time allows…….meanwhile a few teasing photos are offered above.

At the end of the first week in November, the conference organized by my daughter Sasha (Phoenix Rising), as well as her 6th art exhibition, were held at the Cultural Centre of the University of Indianapolis, Athens.
For a full report on the conference, and to see her paintings, visit my daughter’s website…..

The exhibition of Sasha’s art was held in a lovely space above the main lecture area, with terrace view of the Acropolis and Parthenon – it was simply breathtaking (the exhibition and the view!)
See photo’s above.

All three events were successful, and provided extraordinary intellectual stimulation
They all deserve a fuller and more relaxed presentation in this blog….but will have to wait a little longer.

The next Fascia congress will be in Vancouver in 2012
The next Phoenix Rising conference is already being planned!