Mike Reinold has one of the best (the very best) physical/manual therapy related educational blogs, anywhere.

Mike attended my recent one day workshop on Breathing Pattern Disorders (BPD) in Boston – organised by Katie Adams  and Stewart Wild (see photo) of 360NMT.

You can read Mike’s summary of the content as well as some of his opinions by clicking on this link

The class was somewhat ‘intimate’, inasmuch as the space we occupied (around 30 participants)  involved both a central open space and a number of clinical treatment rooms off it, making supervision of the ‘hands-on’ elements somewhat of a challenge.

Nevertheless the enthusiastic attendees and the staff at 360NMT and I managed to stay focused as the work unfolded – from a background that explained the multiple influences on, and repercussions of, BPD – and this is the essence that Mike describes in his  posting

There are a number of earlier blog-postings on this topic which you can locate via a simple search of this blog-site by  using key words and terms such as  “breathing pattern” or hyperventilation.