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Video Interviews with Leon Chaitow

Video interviews with Dr Leon Chaitow

New article on Fibromyalgia Pain and Breathing in Massage & Bodywork Journal

I have compiled a new article for a special – Fibromyalgia-focused issue of the January/February 2017 issue of MASSAGE & BODYWORK. Entitled “How Breath Can Impact Your Client’s Fibromyalgia Pain,” here is a brief sample:

Dr Mercola interviews Dr Chaitow about Candida

If you're not optimally healthy, could candida be at fault? In this interview, British osteopath and naturopath, Dr. Leon Chaitow, author of "Candida Albicans: Natural Remedies for Yeast Infection," discusses its dangers — and more importantly, how to address this...

Ruddy revisited (again): the value of Pulsed MET

It's been some time since I expounded on one of the loves of my clinical world - the invaluable methods devised by Thomas Jefferson Ruddy DO, over 60 years ago. Earlier today I received a message from a young Indian PT who is studying for a Masters Degree at Punjabi...


Corfu: January 2015: Reflections Note: This post is only peripherally related to manual therapy, osteopathy etc....but contains (via links to older posts) stories of mystery, nostalgia, intrigue and magic Reflecting on yesterday's post on 'hopping in the park' to...

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